Delving into our portfolio, you’ll discover a world where cultural heritage is intricately woven with exceptional event management. At WOW Events & Exhibition, our sustained collaborations across the UAE highlight our expertise in providing comprehensive employee resources and operational proficiency. From majestic museums to vibrant cultural sites, our involvement is a testament to our dedication to excellence, innovation, and engaging with the community. Join us on a journey through the significant milestones and partnerships that shape our story.

Qasr Al Hosn

A beacon of Emirati heritage, Qasr Al Hosn stands as the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi, embodying centuries of rich history and cultural evolution.

  • Operational Timeline: 2018 to present (House of Artisans), 2019 to present (Children’s Library)
  • Our Role: Providing a range of Front of House Agents including Emirati Tour Guides, Ticketing Staff, Receptionists, Visitor Service Agents, Assistant Supervisors, and Emirati Gahwa Performers for Bait Al Gahwa. Additionally, we supply both Emirati and Expat Library Assistants for the Children’s Library and manage the Cultural Foundation’s weekly theater operations.
  • Team Strength: 50+ dedicated professionals
Qasr Al Hosn 1

“Experiencing work in one of the most significant locations in Abu Dhabi, Qasr Al Hosn, is truly remarkable, and I attribute this wonderful opportunity to the team at WOW Events & Exhibition for choosing to hire me for this role”- AlJawhara Al Mazrouei, Ticketing Coordinator

Manarat Al Saadiyat 2

Manarat Al Saadiyat

Manarat Al Saadiyat, translating to ‘place of enlightenment’, is a contemporary art and cultural hub, inspiring creativity and innovation in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

  • Operational Timeline: 2012 to present
  • Our Role: Providing comprehensive venue management that includes Emirati and Expat Visitor Service Agents and Supervisors, Tour Guides, and Ticketing Agents. Our responsibilities extend to providing retail operations, the Art Studio receptionists, and ushers.
  • Team Strength: 15+ dedicated professionals

“Having worked with WOW Events and Exhibitions for numerous years, I am delighted to express my utmost gratitude and satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by this prestigious company. From their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction to their innovative solutions, they have consistently exceeded expectations. The team’s professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt response to inquiries have made working with them a truly positive and rewarding experience. I wholeheartedly recommend WOW Events & Exhibitions for anyone seeking top-notch services in this domain.” – Blandine Youh, Duty Supervisor

Berklee Abu Dhabi

Berklee Abu Dhabi, a cutting-edge center for music and performing arts, brings a fusion of global creativity and learning to the UAE’s cultural landscape

  • Operational Timeline: 2020 to present
  • Our Role: Provision of visitor service agents, supervisors, receptionists, and ticketing agents.
  • Team Strength: 10+ dedicated professionals
Berklee Abu Dhabi

“Embarking on the role of a coordinator at Berklee Abu Dhabi has proven to be a truly transformative journey. The commitment to meticulous detail and the creation of immersive experiences at Berklee not only caught my attention but also set an extraordinary standard within the industry.I wholeheartedly recommend Berklee Abu Dhabi to anyone in search of not just a music education institution but an unparalleled and immersive journey into the world of music and art. It is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, shaping individuals and fostering a deep appreciation for the arts.” – Rashid Shaikh, Visitor Experience Specialist

Al Ain Sites 2

Diverse Heritage Sites in Al Ain

In Al Ain, we serve a rich array of heritage sites including the Al Ain Palace Museum, Qasr Al Muwaiji, Al Jahili Fort, Al Qattara Arts Center, Zayed Central Library, Al Ain Oasis, and Bait Mohammed Bin Khalifa, each a testament to the UAE’s deep-rooted cultural legacy.

  • Operational Timeline: 2019 to present
  • Our Role: Tour guides, receptionists, visitor service agents, library assistants.
  • Team Strength: 15+ dedicated professionals

“Working with WOW as an outsourced employee in a governmental entity is a very smooth process. Questions, requirements, and issues are answered clearly and immediately. The benefits and experiences we gain are always motivational points to continue.”- Shaikha Meer Rashed Al Blooshi, Visitor Service Supervise – Bait Mohammed Bin Khalifa

The Lema School Program by ADEK

The Lema School Program, spearheading STEM education, ignites curiosity and scientific passion in young minds across Abu Dhabi.

  • Operational Timeline: 2012 to present
  • Our Role: Managing and delivering STEM-focused workshops and shows, such as the Energy Future Show, Prepare for Take-Off Show, Crazy Chemistry Show, and Growing for Good. Our responsibilities also include planning and school engagement, handling operations, and overseeing marketing and public relations efforts.
  • Team Strength: 16+ Science Communicators, 4+ Directors and Tour Managers

“Being in the LEMA? program campaign has taught me a lot over the years. As a science communicator, my goal has always been to deliver ADEK’s message to students about science in an exciting environment where they can learn and remain engaged throughout the entire session. I can confidently say that I now have more confidence in my ability to inspire future students. I hope they will become successful individuals who positively impact our lives with a bright future.” –  Adnan Ali Ibrahim, Science Communicator

Louvre Abu Dhabi 2

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi, a masterpiece of architectural and cultural synthesis, bridges the artistic heritage of East and West, showcased beneath its iconic dome.

  • Operational Timeline: 2017 to present
  • Our Role: Comprehensive operational management, including Front of House Hospitality and Ticketing Staff, Visitor Service Agents, Tour Guides, and Children’s Museum staff. This includes the coordination of Duty Managers, Operational Leads, and Admin Officers. Responsibilities also encompass overseeing school group tours and ad-hoc events.
  • Team Strength: 5+ in the Managerial Team, 20+ Hospitality/Ticketing Agents and Tour Guides

“Joining the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum has been truly rewarding. Right from the start, I felt heard and trusted, and the ongoing support for my professional growth has been exceptional. Working alongside a fantastic and skilled team has made my experience at the museum truly enjoyable.” – Anastasia Yatsyshyna, Operation Lead

Abrahamic Family House

The Abrahamic Family House, symbolizing interfaith harmony, is a unique architectural tribute to the monotheistic religions in Abu Dhabi.

  • Operational Timeline: 2023 to present
  • Our Role: We participated in the inauguration of the museum, providing hosts and ongoing support with receptionists and tour guides. Additionally, we continue to supply full-time Emirati Tour Guides and Receptionists.
  • Team Strength: 5+ dedicated professionals
Abrahamic Family House

“WOW Events & Exhibition helped me land my dream job. They respected my experiences and my goals. Tour guiding lets me communicate with other cultures while presenting my own — it’s the best job ever.” – Reem AlMazrouei, Tour Guide

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